Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

Address: No. 20 Qianmen East Avenue Chongwen Dis.
Tel: +86-10-67017074
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB
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Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall is a well known patriotism educational center in Beijing. It is located at south eastern side Tiananmen Square and officially opened to public in September of 2004. It is an exhibition hall that shows the civil development history as well as current situation of Beijing and at the same time promotes the future planning of Beijing. In other word, this is the best destination for you to know the story of past, present and future of Beijing.
High-end technologies as well as various types of methods have been applied to display the content of exhibition and at the same time murmuring the development history of this ancient city in a very unique way. The entire development of Beijing as well as the future city planning can be clearly seen through the exhibition as well. The whole exhibition area is basically divided into two sections, which are Development History of Ancient City and Conservation of Beijing Historical Cultures. A large number of old photo, images, documents, artifacts as well as multimedia presentation have been used to show the overall development process. Moreover, the conservation projects of Forbidden City that had been taken as well as the different landscape of Beijing in different period have been highlighted in the exhibition as well.
The Beijing City Planning Exhibition Hall is basically introduced the several large scale city planning of Beijing including the planning for 18 districts as well as the planning for Economy and Technology Development Area in Beijing. Moreover, the targeted planning of each district as well as their percentage of accomplishment is also clearly shown in the exhibition.
On top of that, there are many precious artworks display within the exhibition too. For example, a sculpture named “Beijing Wan (Beijing Bay)” which is made at the ratio of 1:60000 of the real topography of Beijing and another bronze sculpture named “Beijing Old Town” which fully visualized the structure of Beijing city in year 1949 are both most significant artwork of this exhibition hall. So, if you wish to know the details of development history of Beijing, then this is the best place for you to find out the answer. There is no other place which can offer you with exact answer other than this one.

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