Beijing Qinglonghu Park

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Beijing Qinglonghu Park (Beijing Green Dragon Park) which located about 20 kilometers from Beijing is easily reached via both public and private transportation. The park has included in the huge area of Qinglonghu (Green Dragon Lake) into the scenic area and is well known with clearest water around Beijing. Fresh air, lush greenery, picturesque scenery as well as high mountains have made up the beautiful images of the park. It was awarded as “Beijing First Class Park” in year 2002.

The bathing beach is a European style open air bathing area in which the pool is designed in a three-level shape and separated the shallow, middle and deep pools. Thus, the water automatically flow from up to down and forms a three-level flow of streams. Besides that, there are many water amusement activities available here such as parachuting, water scooter, self-driving boats and etc.

Water sports are not everything that Beijing Qinglonghu Park can offer. There is an orchard which made up by over 30 species of trees and more than 70 types of fruits. From June to November especially during the fruit ripping season, fruit picking activity will be conducted here and all tourists are welcome to enjoy the happiness of farming.

Moreover, there are also unique country villas available for tourist who wishes to stay overnight here. Restaurant which is able to accept 300 persons at one time is also ready to service. BBQ, fireworks, camping are some favorite activities to be taken place when night falls. The whole area of the park is very large and is very suitable for group activity especially. Since the opening, the park has managed to successfully organize Dragon Boat Competition, Grouping Sports, Kite Contest as well as some unique contests within this park.

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