Beijing Shichahai

Address: No. 23 Yangfang Hutong Denei Avenue Xicheng Dis.
Tel: +86-10-66127652
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Shichahai which located to the north western part of the Forbidden City and Beihai Lake is an historic scenic area of Beijing. Shichahai is consisted of three lakes which are Qianhai (Front Sea), Xihai (West Sea) and Houhai (Back Sea). During hot summer, the peaceful lake of Shichahai is a lake which full of lotus blossoms; while in the winter, the large water surface has turned to be a great destination for ice skating. Due to its location which is situated not far from the Forbidden City, there were many ministers of ancient dynasties who stayed around this area. Thus, there are many well preserved royal courtyard gardens which are situated on both sides of the lake. Anyway, there are many local residences which are squeezed within the courtyard and echoed with the Zhonglou (Bell Tower) and Gulou (Drum Tower) from afar. There are many activities available for you, such as the self-paddled boat and battery boat; or you may just simply sit by the lake and enjoy the cool breeze blowing on your face. For guarantee, you will be totally recharged.

The beautiful surrounding of Shichahai has enabled itself to be awarded as the Water Village of the Northern China. Moreover, Shichahai is one of the tourist areas in Beijing which remains the most traditional cultures and local residents around. If you have leisure time to spend in Beijing, do remember to list Shichahai as one of your must visit schedule. Besides taking stroll along Shichahai, you may take the opportunity to visit some interesting spots around here as well such as the Prince Gong’s Mansion and Former Residence of Guo Moruo. If you have more time to spend, then you are recommended to take a stroll around the souvenirs shops surrounding here where you might have the opportunity to get some interesting souvenirs at reasonable rate. Of course, some negotiation skills are necessary.

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