Beijing Tea House

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China is the earliest country for the human being to discover, cultivate, produce, and tea drinking in China has at least a history of 4,700 years.

Tea, produced in China, is the favorite drink of the Chinese people and is used to treat guests both at home and overseas. Green, black and oolong teas are the most popular. Green tea, backed and dried under the sun, has a light and fragrant taste. The most famous green tea is “Longjing (Dragon Well)” from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province;”Biluochun” from Wuxian, Jiangsu Province;”Lishan Yunwu” from Mount Lushan, Jiangxi Province;”Junshan Yinzhen” from Junshan, Dongting Lake of Hunan Province, and “Xinyang Maojian”from Xinyang, Henan Province. Fermented and dried, black tea tastes strong; the popular brands include “Qihong”from Anhui Province,”Dianhong”from Yunnan Province and “Yingde” from Guangdong Province. Oolong is a semi-fermented tea, which has the combination of the strong taste of the black tea and the light and fragrant taste of the green tea. All famous oolong tea is from Fujian Province, such as the “Mount Wuyi Tea”from Mount Wuyi, and “Tieguanyin” from Anxi.

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