Beijing Wanfangting Park

Address: No. 2 Youwai Yangqiao Xilijia Fengtai Dis.
Tel: +86-10-67211666, 67215333
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 1 RMB

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Beijing Wanfangting Park (Wanfang Pavillion Park Beijing) is located at south third ring road of Fengtai District. The whole area of the park has covered about 10.6 hectares and according to the historical records, the site for Yuanli Yuan is the previous address for original villa. In early 1990, the government of Fengtai District had approved the plan of transforming this piece of green land into a park. Most of the scenery and facilities here are artificially made in order to suit the theme of the park.

As a multipurpose park which located within south third ring road of Beijing, the residents around this area have been set as the targeted servicing customers ever since the building of the park. This is a great place for the residents to exercise in the morning, taking strolls after dinner as well as plays an important role as an activity place for all. Together with the civil development of the area, there are more and more residents who stay around this area. Up until now, the park has accepted over 300,000 visitors since its opening. At the same time, more facilities are offered to its visitors and the surrounding area is well designed for the convenience of visitors as well.

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