Beijing Yaoshang Golf Club

Address: Yaoshang Village, Liulihe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-80321678

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Beijing Yaoshang Golf Club is an international membership golf club which located at Yaoshang Village Fangshan District, about 38 kilometers from Beijing city. The club covers an area of 2200 Mu with two international standard 18-hole golf courses situated adjacent to each other. The overall planning as well as the conceptual design of the Yongding Golf Course, one of the golf courses here with area of 1000 Mu, is designed by TWP, an Australian company which specialized in golf course planning and designing. As a result, Yongdong Course is now welcoming guests with its unique theme of Scotland beach side and sands. On the other hand, Jinmen Golf Course (Golden Gate Golf Course), another course which situated next to Yongding Course is designed by Shearer Golf Design, another Australian based company. Bob Shear, an expert of golf was responsible for the overall design of this course. Both Yongding and Jinmen Gate Course are able to provide ultimate golfing experience for golfers with various preferences.

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