Beijing Yunfeng Mountain

Address: Yanluo Village Bulaotun Town Miyun Dis.
Tel: +86-10-81091863
Entrance Fee: 25 RMB

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Beijing Yunfeng Mountain, or more commonly known as Cloud Peak Mountain at 305 meters above sea level, is situated at the north of Miyun Reservoir over 30 km from Miyun County. Going through history of over hundreds of years, it is now becoming a tourist attraction with the combination of natural resorts and cultural relic resources. The magnificent mountain and cool climate is pleasant for visitors to shield sunshine in summer. Chaosheng Nunnery (Exceeding Wonder Nunnery) is in harmony with the forest, contributing to the elegant scenery combing nature and nature together. This is also where the subtlety of Yunfeng Mountain lies in.

The scenery features as follows:
Co-existence of culture and zoology
Aside from the magnificent mountain scenery and grand reservoir sight, the mountains are also rich in cultural relics. Chaosheng Nunnery with history of over one thousand years and groups of cliff sculptures are extraordinary that worth for a visit.

Emphasizing natural elegancy and culture at the same time
Ethics of natural elegancy, unique features and zoology is very important for the development of tourism here. On top of that, providing new and special service like some special merchandise and meals are also playing important role in encouraging tourism within the area.

Chaosheng Nunnery (Exceeding Wonder Nunnery) with a history of one thousand years
Chaosheng Nunnery (Exceeding Wonder Nunnery) is a must-see spot for visitors, as it demonstrates the spirit of Yunfeng Mountain. As one of the most well-known ancient nunnery in Beijing, Chaosheng Nunnery was first built in Tang Dynasty more than 1000 years ago. Later, it was rebuilt during Jin, Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, majority of the construction was demolished by Japanese during their invasion into China in 1943. The present architecture that you can see nowadays is in fact the one which reconstructed in 1998 by a tourism company from Taiwan.

Traditional architectural style
Chaosheng Nunnery (Exceeding Wonder Nunnery) was reconstructed by using the ancient method of construction which imitated the style of Song Dynasty on the basis of its remaining gates, girders and poles. Thus, the flavor of ancient times is absorbed in the reconstruction so that even the ornaments can tell visitors of the one-thousand-year history.

Tranquility of the mind
The layout of the nunnery is quite orderly, with two courtyards— the front and the back. Within the nunnery, tourists can buy exquisite cards for prayer, write their wishes on, and pray with piety to the Buddha. The Bodhisattva at the side of the water lily pool is holding aquarius bottle to welcome visitors. The flowers of aged pagoda trees disperse all over the yard in summer as if the visitors have gone into a fairyland in their dreams.

Special tips:
The annual average temperature is around 7-9 degrees centigrade. In summer, it is very cool in summer on the mountain top. For Chao Sheng (Exceeding Wonder) Nunnery, the temperature in summer is 2-3 degrees lower than that at the mountain feet.

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