Bird Park Beijing

Address: Zhongzhou East Road Chaoyang Dis.
Tel: +86-10-62379926
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 20 RMB

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Bird Park Beijing with the whole area of over 66660 square meters is the only bird watching as well as bird protection center throughout Beijing. There is a huge bird net with the central height of 40 meters, side height of 18 meters and the whole coverage of about 22000 square meters. Currently, there are over 100 species and over 2500 birds that live within this huge net. Moreover, the number of birds is expecting to keep on increasing in coming future.

Besides some top protected animals of China like brown-eared pheasant, red-crowned crane, green peacock and red-bellied golden pheasant, there are also imported species like black swan and Australian ostrich. Throughout the visit at the Bird Park, you may be able to witness many unique species of birds, listen to the sound of nature and experience to fun of feeding the birds as well. This is the experience which can not be exchanged by anything in the world.

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