Bodhisattva Mountain

Address: Pusalu Village Liu Village Changping Dis.
Tel: +86-10-89778723
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB

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Pusa Mountain, which literally means Bodhisattva Mountain, is situated in Changping District and about 50 kilometers from Beijing city. At the feet of the mountain, many relic sites of Ming and Qing Dynasties are lying there. Within overlapping peaks and ridges, aged trees extend their branches into the sky, unique flowers and plants spreads everywhere, spring waters are clear and sweet, and the air is pleasant for visitors to breathe into. Thus a nickname of “Natural Oxygen Bar” has come into being for this mountain. It is warm and semi-humid continental monsoon climate here,with plenty of sunshine and rain in summer time , and an average annual temperature of 10-12 degrees centigrade and the optimum tourism time from April to November.

The scenery site can be divided into five theme gardens, namely Health-preservation Garden, Buddhism Garden, Folk-custom Garden, Zoology Garden and Entertainment Garden. Within the Zoology Garden, there are more than 100 kinds of wild animals, for example spotted deer, hares, roes, wild badgers, squirrels, wild chickens, magpies and woodpeckers. Spring waters have been tested for direct drinking purposes.

Aside from the tour for natural scenery sightseeing, you can meanwhile experience traditional local countryside plainness and friendliness— to taste genuine local family dishes, to sleep on warm Kang(a heatable adobe sleeping platform prevailed in northern China) and therefore to get the feeling of returning home.

The legend story about the Bodhisattva to be retelled in detail by your tourism guide shall be quite touching and induce your intention to make a wish in the hope of accomplishment with burning incense at hand when bestowed by the always kind-hearted Bodhisattva. Then the mountain is undoubtedly among your first choices when you have been motivated to go on for holidays with the purpose of purifying your minds, experiencing folk customs, and defending winter coldness and avoiding summer sunshine likewise.

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