Chang Tomb

Address: Changling Zhen, Changping Dis. Beijing
Tel: 86-10-60761888(Changling Tomb)
Entrance Fee: 45RMB(Changling Tomb)

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Changling is the earliest and largest tomb of the Ming Tombs. It was built for the Yongle Emperor, Zhu Di, and took 18 years to complete. Emperor Zhu Di ordered the construction of the Forbidden City, and commissioned the Great Dictionary of Yongle(Yongle Dadian), along with sending the eunuch Admiral Zheng He to South-East Asia, Ceylon, India, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

The layout of Changling copies the pattern of Xiao Ling in Nanjing, tomb of the first Ming Emperor. Structures proceeding along the central axis are: the Front Gate to the tomb, the Gate of Eminent Favor, the Hall of Eminent Favors (LingEn Dian), the Dragon and the Phoenix Gate, Soul Tower and the Wall-Encircled Earth Mound. The Hall of Eminent Favors (LingEn Dian) serves as a museum for the precious artifacts found in the imperial coffins and twenty-three wooden chests in Dingling.

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