Chenghuangmiao Temple

Chenghuangmiao Temple

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Located at the most bustling Chenghuangmiao Scenic Area of Shanghai City, Chenghuangmiao Temple (Temple of City Deity) is the most significant Taoism Temple in Shanghai. The construction or Chenghuangmiao Temple was begun about 600 years ago in year 1403 and spent almost twenty years to complete everything.
Chenghuangmiao Temple had played a very important role in the daily life of ancient Chinese and even until today, it still stands a vital part especially in the deep heart of local Chinese. Thus, throughout the 600 years of development, the expansions as well as the development of Chenghuangmiao Temple had won many supports from the passionate local Shanghai people. Ever since the foundation of Chuanghuangmiao in reign of Emperor Yongle of Ming Dynasty (1403 to 1424)until the reign of Emperor Daoguang of Qing Dynasty (1821 to 1850), the area compound of Chenghuangmiao had kept on increasing. According to the record, during the most glorious period of Chenghuangmiao, it had covered an area of over 33000 square meters.
As the most important Taoism Temple in Shanghai, of course Chenghuangmiao could not be avoided from suffer of destruction during the period of Cultural Revolution. During this period, the sculpture of Goddess had been destroyed and the area of temple was used for other purpose. Finally in year 1994, after the government had amended the policy for the freedom of religion, the status of Chenghuangmiao Temple in Shanghai was therefore recovered to its original setting. The first phase of recovery project was taken place in year 1996 and took about six years to complete. Later in 2005, the second phase of recovery project was carried out and more compounds which had been used for other purposes were returned to Chenghuangmiao.
The entire Chenghuangmiao that you can see today is just covering an area of over 2000 square meters. Although the size of the temple has been reduced a lot when compared to its glorious period, it also stands as one of the must visit destination for tourists in Shanghai.

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