Xishiku Catholic Church
The Xishiku Cathedral, commonly referred to as the Beitang is a historic Catholic cathedral in the Xicheng District.

Xuanwumen Catholic Church
The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a historic Roman Catholic Church located in Beijing. While the original foundation of the cathedral was in 1605, making it the oldest Catholic church in Beijing.

Gangwashi Christian Church
The Beijing Gangwashi Church was built during the 1860s and is one of the largest Protestant churches in Beijing.

Chongwenmen Church
The Chongwenmen Church is one of the largest Christian Protestant churches in Beijing, and it enjoys high prestige both at home and abroad.

Wangfujing Cathedral
Wangfujing Cathedral is a historic Catholic cathedral located on Wangfujing Commerical Street.

Xizhimen Catholic Church
Xizhimen Catholic Church or better known as Xitang (West Church) by the locals is newest church among the four oldest churches in Beijing.

Dongjiaomin Alley Catholic Church
Dongjiaomin Alley Catholic Church is more commonly known as St. Michael’s Church. It was built in 1901 within the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Qing Dynasty.

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