Confucius Family Graveyard

Confucius Family Graveyard

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Confucius Family Graveyard also called Sacred Graveyard is located outside of the north gate of Qufu City. Occupying about 3000 mu, with a bounding wall of 7km in length, it is the family graveyard for Confucius and his descendents.
You have to pass 1,200 meters sacred way, then stone archway, stone bridge, corridors to get to the cemetery of Confucius. The tomb is 6-meter-high. To the east, there are tombs of Confucius’ son Kong Li and his grandson Kong Ji.
Inside the Confucius Family Graveyard, there are stone men, stone beasts and stone ornamental columns in front of some tombs. These were established according to the persons’ social level. Houses over 100,000 graves, the graveyard lasts for 2500 years. Confucius Forest is the largest and oldest family cemetery.

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