Confucius Temple

Address: No.13-15 Guozijian St.Dongcheng Dis.
Tel: +86-10-64057214
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB

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The Temple of Confucius, is located in Guozijian Street close to the Lama Temple and directly adjacent to the Imperial College (Guozijian) . It is here that Confucius and Confucian sages were worshipped during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties (1279-1911).

Confucius, a sage and teacher, found his teachings neglected during his own lifetime. Through the efforts of his disciples, his teachings spread through China and were adopted by emperors, who set up temples close to Confucian schools to honor his memory.

The Temple of Confucius in Beijing, second only to that of Confucius’ hometown in Qufu, was originally built during the Yuan Dynasty. In 1737, during the reign of Qing Emperor Qianlong, the major hall was renovated granted an imperial-style roof of yellow glazed tiles. In 1906, when the worship of Confucius was further emphasized by the Qing Government, the temple underwent extensive restoration which lasted until 1916.

The temple is made up of four large courtyards. The principal structures include Xianshimen (Gate of Ancient Teachers), Dachengmen (Gate of Great Accomplishment), Dachengdian (Hall of Great Accomplishment), Chongshengci (Worship Hall). The eastern part of the front courtyard is occupied by the Pavilions for Stone Tablets, the Holy Kitchen, the Pavilion for Sacrificial Animals and the Well Pavilion; while in the west there are more pavilions for Stone Tablets, the hall of Vegetarian Diet and the Gate of Reverence which opens onto Guozijian (Imperial College). On either side of the courtyard, there are 198 stone tablets bearing 51,624 names of scholars who had passed the Imperial Examination required to become a high official.

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