Dabaotai Han Dynasty Tomb Museum

Address: Guogong Zhuang Fengtai Dis.
Tel: +86-10-83612852
Website: None
Entrance Fee: Free

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Dabaotai Han Dynasty Tomb Museum is a museum with very specific theme of display. It is also the first Han Dynasty Museum throughout China. The museum was built on the address of an imperial tomb of Han Dynasty aged over two thousand years ago. Archeologists excavated the site and uncovering relics invaluable to the historical record of Beijing in the 1970s. Later, the construction of the museum was therefore began in November of 1979 and officially opened to public in December of 1883.

The huge tomb of Han Dynasty is comprised of burial a chamber, an antechamber which was furnished like an imperial sitting room and coffin chamber with five coffins for the emperors. About 15,800 cypress logs went into the massive construction, which was then sealed with charcoal and gypsum to protect against the elements.

Most of the displayed artifacts within this museum are out of the first unearthed items. For example, an iron axe was found here is proved to be the earliest de-carbonized steel known in China in which enabled the time of introduction for Chinese iron de-carbonized smelting law to be five hundred years advanced from Weijin South-North Dynasty; three single-shaft wooden cars as the earliest physical evidence of the wheels of Western Han Dynasty; woven brocade hat ribbons and iron axes stamped with the characters “Yuyang ironsmith,” as well as local agricultural products are also on display.

Dabaotai Han Dynasty Tomb Museum is basically divided into three sections as follow:
1. Display of Tomb Room No. One – Mainly regarding the recovery display of underground display of the tomb.
2. Display of Chariots and Horses – Highlights on the three single-shaft wooden cars as well as 11 remains of horses etc.
3. Display of Treasury – Including ceramic, bronze, steel, jade, lacquer as well as woven products of over 400 pieces.

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