Dagu Fort

Address: Haibin Avenue Tanggu
District Tianjin

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Dagu Fort is situated at the eastern part of Tanggu District, Tianjin at the point where river flows into the sea. Due to its unique location, it occupied a very important status in terms of military purpose throughout the history. It was built in year 1816 as one of the defense fort for Beijing, the Capital of Qing Dynasty during that period of time. Although it has lost its glorious job to protect the nation, it is still a significant evidence of the fight of Chinese against foreign invasion.
Tianjin is the gateway from sea which link directly to Beijing City. Thus, Dagu Fort had played a vital role throughout the years. There were total of six emplacements constructed here in year 1858 by Qing Dynasty. However, four of them had been destroyed either in the wars or by the imperialists. Thus, only Wei Fort and Hai Fort are still survived nowadays. The ruins of both these forts can be found at Dagu Fort Ruins Museum which was built in year 1997.

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