Diecai Hill

Address: By the Li River Guilin City Guangxi Province
Tel: +86-773-2852533
Entrance Fee: 25 RMB

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Diecai Hill (Folded Brocade Hill) which situated at the northeastern side of Guilin City is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Guilin. It is well known for its amazing scenery and stone carvings. Due to the resemblance of rock formations that piled up layer upon layer, folded brocade was created and therefore, it was named as Folded Brocade Hill by the people. The scenic area is made up of four peaks which consist of Yuyue Hill, Siwang Hill, Mingyue Peak (Bright Moon Peak)and Xianhe Peak. Xianhe Peak is the highest peak with the total height of 253.6 meters above sea level. The main attractions of the park include Diecaiting (Folded Brocade Pavilion), Yuyue Ge, Mulong Ge, Bixia Cave, Wind Cave Diecailou (Folded Brocade Tower) and many others.
Once entering the main gate of the scenic area, you will first come to the distinctive Diecaiting (Folded Brocade Pavilion) which occupies an area of 64 square kilometers along the hillside of Mingyue Peak (Bright Moon Peak). The location of the pavilion is extremely great with the Bright Moon Peak on the north, Siwang Hill on the west and Yuyue Hill on the east. Even though the pavilion is only a single-storey high, it is well designed and built with red poles, green tiles as well as four unique angles. This would be a great starting point for your wonderful journey throughout Diecai Hill.
Wind Cave is another mystical spots here as you can feel the cool breeze throughout the years no matter how the weather is outside the cave. Moreover, the cave is also known for the stone carving as it is well decorated with unique carving inside and outside the cave. Try to imagine that almost 100 Buddha images of Tang and Song Dynasties as well as 210 stone carvings can be found here. It is definitely a worthy journey especially for those who appreciate the ancient carving arts.
After taking some steps further, you will reach the top of Bright Moon Peak at 223 meters above sea level which is also the main peak of the park. From here, you may take the opportunity to take a full glance of Li River as well as the magnificent view of Guilin City. If you are energetic enough, then you might continue the journey to the summit so that you can be able to enjoy the spectacular view of Duxiufeng (Solitary Beauty Peak) and Fubo Hill (Wave-subduing Hill) in a good perspective as well.

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