Ding Tomb

Address: Changling Zhen, Changping Dis. Beijing
Tel: 86-10-60761424(Dingling Tomb)
Website: http://www.mingtombs.com/e_home/
Entrance Fee: 65RMB(Dingling Tomb)

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Dingling also known as “Dingling”, one of the tombs at the Ming Dynasty Tombs site, is the tomb of the Wanli Emperor, the thirteenth emperor to occupy the throne during the Ming Dynasty, and his two empresses. It is the only one of the Ming Dynasty Tombs to have been excavated. It lies almost 27 meters below ground and consists of main features such as the Stone Bridge, Soul Tower, Baocheng and the Underground Palace, which was unearthed between 1956 and 1958. The entire palace is made of stone. The Soul Tower forms the entrance to the underground chambers and is symbolic of Dingling. The yellow glazed tiles, archway, rafters, eaves and columns are all painted in vivid colors.

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