Dongsi Mosque

Address: No.13 Dongsi S St, Dongcheng
Tel: None
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 0

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The Dongsi Mosque is the second largest mosque in Beijing. It is also the headquarters of the Beijing branch of the China Islamic Association.

The mosque was built during the Ming Dynasty and takes its name from the nearby Dongsi Archways. The existing buildings include two gates, a minaret, and a prayer hall. Originally, there was a minaret inside the second gate. The prayer hall can accommodate 500 people and has passages from the Holy Koran inscribed on the walls. There are several flanking halls, designed in the Ming style. Many precious cultural relics are housed within the mosque. In the library located at the south of the mosque there are many versions of the Koran, with the most precious being a hand-written copy from the Yuan Dynasty. Also there are books presented by one of the ancient rulers of Egypt.

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