Drum Tower

Address: Zhonglouwan Hutong, Dongcheng Dis.
Tel: +86-10-84027869
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 15 RMB

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The Drum Tower, located opposite the Bell Tower was built By Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty. It was placed on a 4-meter-high (13 feet) stone and brick base. After only a few years the tower burned down and subsequently rebuilt on the same site in 1297. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Emperor Yongle ordered that the Drum Tower be rebuilt. This time the tower was placed exactly on the central axis from south to north.
Drum Tower together with the Bell Tower was used to tell the time in imperial China. There are used to be one big drum and 24 smaller drums in the Drum Tower, while now only one big drum remains. The method of beating the drum is to beat it quickly 18 times and then slowly 18 times and afterwards 18 times at a moderate speed. There should be two rounds and 108 drum beats. Sometimes, there are drumming performances according to these ancient rules on the second floor.

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