Dule Temple

Address: Wenan Street Ji Xian Tianjin City
Entrance Fee: 37 RMB

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Dule Temple is one of the National Key Conservation Units as well as one of the well known ancient architecture throughout China. The temple was originally built in Tang Dynasty and was rebuilt in year 983 of Liao Dynasty.
Once you enter the Shanmen (Hill Gate) of Dule Temple, you will soon see the Guanyin Ge (Bodhisattva Pavilion) in front of you. The plague of Guanyin Ge was written by Li Bai, a well known poet of Tang Dynasty during his visit here when he was 52 years old. The sculpture of Bodhisattva that enshrined within this temple is 16 meters high with ten small heads on top. So, it is also named as eleven-faced Bodhisattva.
Even though Dule Temple was built over 1000 years ago, after went through numerous times of wars and earthquakes, the structure of Dule Temple is still remained stable. Moreover, at the north western part of Guanyin Ge stores 28 tablets handwriting of Emperor Qianlong. The reason why you may be able to see the real handwriting of Emperor Qianlong even at this small town is because the town was located right within the passing route from Beijing to Eastern Qing Tomb. Thus, the town used to be a resting point for Emperor Qianlong on his way to worshipping the imperial ancestors of Qing Dynasty.

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