Eastern Beijing Great Stalactite Cavern

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Located about 90 kilometers from Beijing city, the Eastern Beijing Great Stalactite Cavern is proud to be the first Stalactite Cavern discovered at the Eastern area of Beijing and thus it is how it named. According to the records, mega fossils from the Mesoproterozoic Gaoyuzhuang Formation that aged one and a half billion years ago were found here. Thus, it is also well known as “The First Ever Ancient Cavern”.

The total length of the cave is over 2500 meters with about 100 meters of water way. The whole scenic area has been divided into eight districts with more than ten tourist attractions. The most majestic spot would be the Longhuitianshu, a scene which seems to be enriched with very strong carving style that was in fact naturally formed. The average temperature within the cave is almost fair throughout the years that warm in the winter and cool in summer.

On top of that, Eastern Beijing’s Great Stalactite Cavern can be reached easily. Besides the stalactite cavern as the major attractions, there are also many recreation facilities throughout the scenic area such as angling ponds, cable car, Carting Car, as well as mountain slides. Moreover, for those who are looking for an easy way to go round the scenic area, electric cars are also available to bring visitors around some specified attractions. You may experience the fruit picking activity in the farms as well if you visit here in the autumn.

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