Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill

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Elephant Trunk Hill is a landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin, Guangxi province. Elephant Trunk Hill, a huge rock formation of an elephant by the confluence of the Yang and Li rivers, looks as if a elephant’s trunk is dipping into the water.
Legend says that this hill is really an elephant belonging to the Emperor of Heaven, and that when the Jade Emperor set out to conquer the Earth, the elephant is made to work so hard providing transport. Then the elephant falls sick and some farmers save him. For this the elephant is very grateful and decide to stay on earth and help the farmers. The Emperor of Heaven is so angry about this that he ordered the heaven soldiers to arrest him. After heavy battle, the elephant is very thirty, tired and bleeds badly. When he is drinking water from the Li River, a heaven general thrusts his back with a sword. The elephant dies, but doesn’t fall. He stays at Guilin for ever. He changeded the elephant into the rocky hill, hence the name. A pagoda erected on top of the hill stands for the hilt of the sword.
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