Former Residence

Former Residence of Madam Song
Madam Song’s Former Residence sits north of the Houhai Lake. Song Qingling is former first lady of China, wife of Dr.Sun Yat-sen.

Former Residence of Lu Xun
The Former Residence of Lu Xun which located at Xicheng District of Beijing was the residence for Lu Xun within year 1924 and 1926 when he temporary stayed at Beijing.

Former Residence of Li Dazhao
The former residence of Li Dazhao was designed under a very typical Chinese traditional architecture designs with overall area of about 550 square meters.

Former Residence of Guo Moruo
The Former Residence of Guo Moruo was previously the imperial garden for the well known corrupt officials of Qing Dynasty, He Shen.

Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum
Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum, situated at Huguosi Street, Beijing, was founded in October 1986. It was the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang since 1949 to 1961, a serene typical Beijing courtyard which covers an area of 700 square meters.

Xu Beihong Memorial Museum
Xu Beihong Memorial Museum, located at Xinjiekou North Street, with seven exhibition halls was officially opened to public in year 1983.

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