Gouya Natural Scenic Area

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Gouya Natural Scenic Area (Ditch Cliff Natural Scenic Area) is located at Changping District of Beijing city, about 40 kilometers from city center. The whole scenic area covers over 4.274 square kilometers with eight valleys, nine mountains and twenty two peaks. The main peak of the mountains Ziji Peak has reached 1670 meters height. Besides that, Gouya Natural Scenic Area is also well known for its natural topography where there are cliffs within the valley, gorge below cliff sides and interconnecting valley. Thus, it is named as Gougouya (Cliffs with many valleys) too.

Ever since the middle of Yuan Dynasty, a number of temples had began to be constructed here. Until Ming and Qing Dynasty, the records had shown that 72 temples were found within this area. Thus, Gouya is also the sacred place for Taoism as most of the Taoists enshrined within the temples are all originated from Quanzhen School (Complete Reality). Thus, Gouya is also well known as the Gougouya of Northern Wudang Mountain. The mountainous surrounding, breathtaking scenery, narrow path and large amount of temples have creating a unique image around this scenic area which is a combination of nature and cultural heritage. The Top Eight Scene of Gouya has serving as the top recreational area of the ministers and artists throughout the history.

The peaceful environment of Gouya Natural Scenic Area which is surrounding with lush greenery, colorful flora, multiple shape of cliifs and uniquely designed temples have all adding values to the visiting of this scenic area. The opening of such a wonderful destination has therefore offering a good opportunity for the locals as well as tourists a great alternative vacation and retreat. Fishing, rafting, fruit picking and hiking is just some common activities that most welcomed by the visitors. Gouya Natural Scenic Area can offer you more than what you expect.

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