Guihe Rafting

Address: Guihe Street Yanqing Town Yanqing Dis.
Tel: +86-10-60179888

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Guihe Rafting is a unique activity at Yanqing District. Guihe is a river that flows along undeveloped area that is rich of natural resources and free of pollutants. The crystal clear river as well as the peaceful surrounding has ensured this rafting activity to become very attractive to the tourists from all over the world. Both sides of the river are still remained its original look and you may feel the cool breeze on your face throughout the journey. It is a very wonderful experience as you will see not even single concrete architecture throughout the rafting period, and everything that appear in your eyes are all naturally formed.

From the time you sit on the raft, the journey of wonderland will soon begin. Throughout the journey, you may pass by some picturesque area like Jinniu Shan (Golden Ox Mountain), Nuanquan Kou (Warm Stream) and Guanying Wan. After you come to the end of the rafting ride, you may take part in the fruit picking, fishing, farming activities somewhere around the jetty. Besides that, there are many restaurants around that serve local dishes which is simple but delicious. By the way, for those who are seeking for stimulus activity, then you may try the High Speed Falling Down and some other interesting activities here. The scenic area is trying the best to offer as more as it could in order to fulfill every tiny requirement of visitors.

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