Guyaju Scenic Area

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Guyaju Scenic Area (Ancient Cliff Side Residence) is strategically located about 20 kilometers to the north western side of Badaling Great Wall.

Similar to Badaling Great Wall, Guyaju Beijing also plays a very important role throughout the development history of Yanqing District Beijing as a mysterious cultural heritage by ancient people and known as an unsolved mystery throughout the nation.

Guyaju can be considered as the largest cliff side residence that has ever discovered throughout China. It is really amazing that 147 man made hollowed stone rooms are found along the 10 meters width cliff, covering area of reaching 100,000 square meters. The size of the rooms are not standardized and with different shape. Some of the rooms are designed like suite room, some of them are double-storey and there are some similar to the three-bedroom suite as well. Among all, the largest one is a double-storey room with side rooms attached. Some researchers believe that it would be the meeting hall for the owners of this huge cliff side residence. Moreover, all these stone residences are fully equipped with door, windows, stone bed, stone shelves and cooking places.

The origin of Guyaju is still a mystery even until today. No one knows who, how and when it was built. However, its unique construction skills had become one of the most significant evidence for the mythical achievement of ancient architecture. The most unique point of these 147 stone residences is the multiple storey structure without any usage of pillars. Moreover, there is no staircase, no wooden structure but there are many layers of floors that inter-connected within each other.

After few years of development, Guyaju Scenic Area is now a modern tourist attraction which is able to provide multiple services such as residence, restaurant, travel and entertainment for every visitor. For the convenience of tourists especially, walkways with security handrails as wells as barrier-free access for the handicapped visitors has been put into service as well. Guyaju is now ready to receive more and more tourists daily.

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