Haihe River

Address: Tanggu District Tianjin

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Haihe River, the ‘Mother River’ of Tianjin which flows through the city with total length of 73 kilometers has contributed a lot to the development of Tianjin as well as maintain the daily living to Tianjin people throughout the generation. Haihe is actually the convergence of five rivers in Tianjin which consists of Beiyun River, Yongding River, Daqing River, Ziya River and Nanyun River.
Later, the existence of Haihe River has encouraged the growth of recreational facilities along the river. For example, Haihe Park is one of the popular recreational parks which located beside the river. The park is highlighted with two set of bronze sculptures in between of greenery and colorful flowers especially in the spring season. Most of the daily visitors of the park are the local residents. Anyway, it is suitable for retreat if you are getting bored with the concrete jungle around you and seeking for a tranquil destination for a warmth afternoon.

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