Hongluo Temple

Address: Huairou Dis.
Tel: +86-10-60681967
Website: http://www.hongluosi.com/
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB

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Located in the north of Huairou District, Hongluo Temple is about 55 kilometers from Beijing city. The scenic spot covers an area of 800 hectares, integrating the natural landscape with man-made features.

The temple consists of two parts: the scenic area and the religious area. The scenic area is comprised of Hongluo Hill at the back of Hongluo Temple and Qinglong Hill to the east. Hongluo Hill, has two peaks with an altitude of 813 meters. There are mainly ancient pines at Qinglong Hill. Among them there are more than 10,000 ancient trees over 100 years old. It is one of the most important areas of old-growth forest in Beijing municipality. The religious area refers to Hongluo Temple, Boddhisattva Guanyin Temple and 500-Arhat Statues Garden.

Hongluo Temple has a history of more than 1600 years, having first been established during the Tang Dynasty. The temple was built at the foot of the mountain, facing to the south. Most buildings were built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There is a main hall built in 3 tiers (The Hall of Heavenly Guardians, Grand Bodhisattva Hall, There Sages Hall), with four flanking halls built on either side. Boddhisattva Guanyin Temple is located halfway up Hongluo Mountain. 500-Arhat Statues Garden is located in the ancient pine forest of Arhat Valley to east of the temple. The Arhats are life-size carvings of Buddhist saints made using locally found bluestone.

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