Huairou Xiangshuihu Scenic Area

Address: East of Dazhenyu Village Bohai Town Huairou Dis.
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Huairou Xiangshuihu Scenic Area which located about 78 kilometers from Beijing city to the west of Mutianyu Great Wall is in fact a part of Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. Xiangshuihu is actually about 28 kilometers from Huairou Town and covers an area of 18 square kilometers. Xiangshuihu is in fact a scenic area which combines great wall, ancient cave, streams, living ponds, waterfalls as well as cliff carving of Ming Dynasty in one. Thus, it is a unique place around Beijing that worth for a visit. Although the name of Xiangshuihu sounds like the name of a lake, this does not mean that it possesses a huge area of water surface. In fact, this is because there is a source is water stream at this scenic area. The sound of the water flow is too loud that you might be able to hear it even if you are about a kilometer away. This is the reason why it is named as Xiangshuihu which means “Lake with Loud Noise”.

Moreover, the Moshikou Gate of Ming Dynasty used to be a very important gateway throughout the history. The structure was built within year 1404 which is about 590 years ago. When you walk slightly onwards, you will come to the Lianyun Cave which looks mysterious sometimes. The local residents believe that there is a golden dragon that lived within this cave. After the great wall, and passing through some orchards, you will return to the small village path along the river. By following the river, you will come to the source of the water.

The average temperature of Xiangshuihu Scenic Area is about 12 degree Celsius in the summer for whole day long. Besides that, the air within the area is proven to be fresh and free of any pollution. If you have time to spend, then staying within the mother of nature is most recommended for you. After visiting here and there during day time, when evening falls, playing with fireworks, singing and dancing in open air or making a bonfire are some most welcome activities by visitors. For people who have been long staying in the noisy downtown, then the fresh air, mountain, singing birds and blooming flowers will be the best destination for you to enjoy your leisure time and refreshing vacation.

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