Huyu Natural Scenic Area

Adult: 50 RMB/person (All in one ticket; including 15 RMB for Huyuegou Scenic Area, 20 RMB for Baixian Dong, 10 RMB for Queer Dong and 10 RMB for Root Carving Exhibition)
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Huyu Natural Scenic Area (Tiger Ravine Natural Scenic Area) is located at the north western part of Changping District and belongs to a part of Taihang Mountains. The overall height of the Huyu Natural Scenic Area is generally 850 meters above sea levels and the whole length of Huyu (Tiger Ravine) is about 12.5 kilometers. A total of 36 tourist attractions have been developed here and one of the spots, Huyu Huijin (Golden Shine of Tiger Ravine) which situated at the southern part of the ravine is one of the Eight Great Yanjing Scenery as recorded in the history.

According to the records, the “Yu” in the Chinese name of Huyu was originally used the other character with similar pronunciation which meant “Prison”. Thus, the name of Huyu was originally meant a Tiger’s Prison. The whole area is surrounding by mountains in three faces and thus, the weather within this area is unique when compared with surrounding areas. Caves and cliffs slopes can be found everywhere within the Huyu Scenic Area. The highest peak of mountain has reached 1060 meters above sea level, what an amazing place!

There are many rivers that flow throughout the whole area. Especially in the summer, a waterfall which flows from 30 meters high mountain cliffs will be formed. In the winter however, ice which look like a large tail of goat will seem to be hanging on the cliff side. Tongtian Ci (Heavenly Reached Lake) is the deepest stone lake within this scenic area. Besides that, there are another nine naturally formed stone lakes somewhere next to Tongtian Ci. All of these are just a limited number of famous tourist spots within this beautiful paradise.

As a newly developed tourist attractions in Beijing, Huyu Natural Scenic Area is now getting more and more attention among tourists from both locals and foreigners. If you are looking for some special destinations which allow you to be escape from your routine life, then Huyu Natural Scenic Area might be a suitable destination for you.

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