Imperial Dumpling Banquet

Address: Beilin District Xian City Shaanxi Province
Tel: +86-29-87853377

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Dumpling can be considered as one of the most common dish among the Chinese. Especially during some celebratory occasions, dumpling will surely be served as one of the cuisine such as during the reunion dinner of Chinese Spring Festival.
As an ancient city, Xian had been the capital of China for eleven dynasties which spread over thousand years. As a result, the ability of creating the most delicious and creative dumplings is well known among the Chinese throughout the nation. Thus, if you enjoy eating dumpling and would like to try more style of eating dumplings, then spending a dinner break attending the famous Imperial Dumpling Banquet at Xian is a must throughout your vacation here.
Rich colors, shapes, flavors are used to prepare the various types of dumpling. For sure, you must be able to find some dumplings that suit your palette the most anyway. While enjoying the delicate and tasty dumpling, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the different stories and elegant names of each type of dumpling.
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