Jiangjun Mountain Scenic Area

Address: Hebei Town Fangshan Dis.
Tel: +86-10-60378958
Entrance Fee: 16 RMB

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Jiangjun Mountain Scenery Area (General Mountain Scenic Area) is 1A-level national tourism attraction which situated in the national geology garden in Fangshan District about 50 km away from Beijing city. It is a natural tourism area where you can witness the beauty of green vegetation and flowers while enjoying activities like fruit picking, recreation as well as a bets destination for vacation.

The scenery spot was first built in 1998 with an area of 1.12 square km, among which fruit gardens has covered 0.47 square km and scenery forestry at 0.53 square km. Three categories are organized annually. To be detailed, the festival for appreciating green vegetation and flowers on the way of mountain-climbing lasts from March 15th to May 8th; the festival for picking healthy natural fruits are held from June 5th to October 10th; and moreover, the activities of digging potatoes and red leaves festival will be carried out within the period of October 10th to November 5th.

Rich natural products are grown in the widespread fields. Currently, many different species of fruits are available for picking activities, including fresh apricots, peaches, apples, walnuts, persimmons, Chinese dates, peppers, and numerous fresh edible herbs.

In early spring, trees of peach, February-orchid, apricot, pear are seemingly to be in contest with each other for generating their most prosperous and gorgeous blossoms in the hope of converting the mountain into a wonderland of flora. When summer comes, the forestry will be shadowing the glaring sunshine, while red apricots burdens branches, and the wind breezes at moments just to keep away summer heat; when it turns out to be in autumn, red leaves are taking on the fire-like red color, accompanied by other colors of leaves to form the very unique scenery of Jiangjun Mountain Scenery Area.

Take steps on Jiangjun Mountain Scenery Area, and you will feel like strolling on the heavenly street. While deeply soaked within the atmosphere of the nature, you might be forgetting about the time when you should be headed for home.

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