Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall

Address: Huairou District, Beijing, China
Tel: +86 10 6162 6614
Entrance Fee: 20RMB

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Jiankou Great Wall, or Arrow Nock Great Wall, is located in the suburbs of Beijing, around 30 km away from the center of Huairou district. Lately Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall has become the hotspot for tourists full of exploring and adventuring spirits.

The precipitous mountains and breathtaking scenery make Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall so attractive. Many famous photographers like to take pictures here and use Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall as the cover pictures for their booklets about the Great Wall. That may be the reason why it looks so familiar to you.

Regarding the origin of its name, there are different versions. One version is that it used to be nameless. One day a local official inspected this place and found it look like a gully surrounded by towering mountains. So he named it as Jiankou (means gully in Chinese Pinyin) Great Wall. When he came back, he reconsidered this name and an old saying of One Arrow Nocks Two Birds rushed into his head. He then changed the name into Jiankou (means arrow nock in Chinese Pinyin). The most amazing point is that both gully and arrow nock are spelt as Jiankou in Chinese Pinyin.

Among all the sections of the Great Wall in Beijing, Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall might be the steepest one. Unlike the well-known Badaling Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall, Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall still keeps the former taste bequeathed from the Ming Dynasty. Many parts are in disrepair and retain the old features. Sometimes adventurers even need to crawl forward in some places.

Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall includes a lot of scenic spots, such as Nine Eye Tower, General Watchtower, and Ox Horn Edge. Nine Eye Tower stands in the north of Beijing. It gets this name because on each side of the tower, there are nine holes. It is one of the most important passes of the Great Wall. If the sky is clear, you can see the views of the Beijing city on the Nine Eye Tower.

It was a two-storied construction, but now only one story is left. The present height is 7.8 meters. The length of each side is around 13 meters. The size of the watching hole is around 1.65 meters high and 0.5 meters wide. The number of the holes shows the geographic significance of this tower. It is the junction of the Inner Great Wall and the Outer Great Wall.

Tips for travelers who plan to visit Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall:

Professional mountaineering shoes are required, as it is barely to find flat paths during the trip. Hard rocks and loose sands will bring about great difficulty for the hiking.

Walking stick is very useful. Considering the arduous topography of Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall, a walking stick will be a good touring mate.

Even though Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall is open all year around to tourists, the best visiting months we recommend will be June, July, August, September and October.

The Great Wall is listed as the historical relics of China. The government has special administration rules for the wild Great Wall, which applies to Jiankou (Arrow Nock) Great Wall as well.

As the notice board at the entrance of Jiankou(Arrow Nock) Great Wall shows, tourists should take nothing away but photographs, leave nothing but footprints and keep the wall wild& wonderful.

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