Jiaoshan Great Wall

Location: 3 kilometers North of Shanhaiguan Pass, Shanhaiguan, Heibei province
Tel: 86-335-5052861
Entrance Fee: RMB 30
Operating Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm

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The Jiaoshan section of the Great Wall is about 3km from Shanhaiguan.  As the first section with any elevation and as such is considered the first mountain of the Great Wall.Jiaoshan Great Wall was first built in during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Most of the walls were built using local bricks and stone, and the height and width of the wall were built according to the mountain features. The average height of the wall is 7 to 10 meters and 4 to 5 meters in width. The broad summit of Jiaoshan is called Taiping Ding and is capable of seating hundreds of people.

Main sights and travel route:
Jiaoshan great wall        Qixian temple
Guanlu pavilion            Yanse Lake

Travel tips:
This section is very steep in some parts and elder tourists are not recommended to go.

Tours Including Jiaoshan Great Wall:
One Day Great Wall Tour to Shanhaiguan Pass-Old Dragon’s Head-Jiaoshan Great Wall
Three Days Great Wall Package Tour to Shanhaiguan Pass, Laolongtou, Jiaoshan, Jiumenkou, Xiaoheikou
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