Jingdu Diyipu

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Jingdu Diyipu (The First Waterfall of Beijing Capital) is located at Miyun District of Beijing city; about four kilometers to the north from Heilong Tan (Black Dragon Pond). The water from the natural stream of Yunmeng Mountain has formed the water of this waterfall. With the vertical height of 62.5 meters, and 85 degree of slope, this is the waterfalls with the largest amount of flowing water throughout Beijing.

Although Jingdu Diyipu serves as the major attraction within this scenic area, this is not the only interesting spot that you may visit when you are here. The mountain views within this scenic area are also very impressive. Throughout the total length of 3 kilometers, you may be able to see various shapes of mountain. The scenery might be different in every step. You might not be about to control yourself in taking more and more pictures here when you are here.

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