Jingxi Ancient Road

Jingxi Ancient Road
Address: West of Beijing Mountains

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Jingxi Ancient Road or Jingxi Gudao
The hills which located at western side of Beijing are generally known as Xishan (West Hill). Ever since Yuan and Ming Dynasty, over millions of residents in Beijing sustained their life through the coal mines. Moreover, West Hills of Beijing is also famous for producing stone as well as exquisite glass works. Thus, many business groups had been traveling to and forth from here throughout the history. From days to days and years to years, the road which connecting Beijing to western hills as well as further to Neimenggu (Inner Mongolia) and Shanxi was formed.

Xishan Dalu (Western Hill Road) which connecting many sub roads in north-south axis is the main road of Ancient Jingxi Road. The road had witness the development of a nation, the integration of races, religious activities as well as the construction of city walls. It is not just a road that connecting Beijing to the world outside, it is also a great evidence of the advanced economy and cultural development as well as path that leads us to the history of that magnificent period.

According to the historical records, there were evidences to show human’s activities were found at Xishan of Beijing. Besides that, Mentougou is blessed with very good location which enables this area to play a very important role in military purpose. Ever since Emperor Huangdi set the capital here, many roads at Xishan Dalu had been rebuilt and reconstructed into larger scale of royal paths. Moreover, most of the constructions were carried out by the residents around this area as well. The Ancient Jingxi Road with great history has long been lying at Mentougou Area and it has become one of the unique cultural scenes here. From the aspects of trading, religious activities, military, cultural integration as well as development, the Ancient Jingxi Road is the only way to connect all these into a wonderful network.

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