Address: Jinhaihu Town Pinggu Dis.
Tel: +86-10-69993943, +86-10-69991356
Entrance Fee: 28 RMB

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Jinhaihu (Golden Sea Lake) which located about 85 kilometers from Beijing is a scenic area that covers an area of over 6.5 square kilometers. It has been awarded as one of the top tourist attractions throughout Beijing city as well as a listed National AAAA Scenic Area.

Jinhaihu (Golden Sea Lake) is surrounded by mountains on three sides and blessed with picturesque scenery of nature. The tourist spots which available within this scenic area are included Huguang Ta (Lake View Tower), Jinhua Gongzhu Mu (Grave of Princess Golden Flower), Wanghai Ting (Sea View Pavilion) as well as Juchi Ya (Zigzag Cliff). No matter you prefer more on natural scenes or cultural attractions; Jinhai Hu has more to offer. Moreover, this is a great destination for you if you enjoy water sport activities. Over 30 types of activities like battery boat, self-paddled boat, self-rowing boat, banana boat as well as carting car races are available for all. Jinhai Hu can be the best destination for you to enjoy peaceful surrounding while having fun for the whole day if you wish to.

On top of that, there are many interesting places surrounding this area as well. Jingdong Grand Canyon, Eastern Beijing’s Great Stalactite Cavern, Hudong Shui (Lake and Cavern Water), Feilong Gu (Flying Dragon Valley), Laoxiang Feng (Old Elephant Peak) and Qingdong Ling (East Tomb of Qing Dynasty) are just some of the unique scenic spots that located not far away from Jinhai Hu. In order to create a more comfortable stay for visitors, there are many hotels and motels at different levels available here, whether you prefer a more luxurious stay or just Bed and Breakfast, there are always be some places where suit you the most.

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