Jinshanling Great Wall

Address: Jinshanling Greatwall,
Gubeikou, Miyun
Tel: 86-10-84024628
Website: www.cdchangcheng.com
Entrance Fee: 65 RMB



Jinshanling Great Wall lies 133 kilometers from downtown Beijing. The Great Wall at Jinshanling is 13 kilometers (8 miles) long with a total of 90 watch towers. There is a watch tower every 100 meters or so, and in some places the interval is only 50-60 meters. Such a density is really rare on the Great Wall.Another feature is the “Barrier Wall”, which is 2.5 meters (8ft2in) high and runs on the top of the Great Wall perpendicular to the battlements. It has peepholes and arrow holes. The Barrier Wall would serve as the second block of defense if the enemy were to scale the Great Wall.
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