Laolongtou Greatwall

Location: 5 kilometers south of Shanhaiguan Pass city, Shanhaiguan, Hebei province
Tel: 86-335-5152996
Entrance Fee: 50RMB

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Laolongtou was the start point of Ming Great Wall in the east,  situated at the sea 5km south of Shanhaiguan. It was first built in Hongwu period Ming dynasty (1381)  and served as an important land defense.  Laolongtou, or “Old Dragon’s Head,” refers to the appearence of the Great Wall as it meets the sea.During the Opium War (1840), British and French’s warships were active in the Laolongtou area. The Qing government assembled large forces in Laolongtou for provide defense from attack from the sea, but their efforts proved to be in vain because later in 1900 the Eight-Nation Alliance invaded and destroyed all important defensive buildings and Shenghailou, the most beautiful pavilion of Laolongtou. They drove out the locals and stationed their army in Laolongtou area. It wasn’t until World War Two that they left this area.
Laolongtou Great Wall began its renovation from 1985 and recreates the scene of an important  military defense. Laolongtou is not only an important military site, but also a popular spot for ancient Chinese poets and literary figures to view the great beauty of the Great Wall and the sea.The restored Laolongtou Great Wall is about 500 meters long, 19 meters high extending to the sea for 23 meters. The tourist area is composed of Chenghailou pavilion, Haihaikou pass, Jinglu watchtower, Ruhai wall and Ninghaicheng.

Travel Map and main sights:
Eight-Trigram Tactics
The Estuary Stone Wall
The Sea God Temple
Ninghai City

Travel Tips:
The total trip takes about 1 hour.
Tourists can swim in the sea during summer time.
Take a sea view from the Esturary Stone Wall

Tours Including Laolongtou Great Wall:
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Three Days Great Wall Package Tour to Shanhaiguan Pass, Laolongtou, Jiaoshan, Jiumenkou, Xiaoheikou
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