Lingshan Mountain

Address: Mentougou Dis.
Tel: None
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 35 RMB

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With an elevation of 2,302 meters, Lingshan Mountain, which is located in Mentougou District and 122km from Beijing, is the highest peak in Beijing municipality. This superb natural scenic area is well-known for its magnificent mountain peaks and its vast area of alpine meadow. There are 3 hotels at Lingshan Mountain, allowing for an escape from the city.

The height of the mountain means that there are a variety of different plant and animal species adapted to different climate types, with alpine species at the top and temperate species towards the bottom. At an altitude of 1900 meters, there is a farm located on the alpine meadow for Tibetan yaks, Xinjiang sheep and Yili horses, one of the few outside the Himalayas. During the summer months, there is a Tibetan cultural festival held on the mountain.

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