Longji Terraced Fields

Address: Longji Terraced Fields Longsheng
County Guilin City Guangxi Province
Entrance Fee: 50 RMB

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Situated about 100 kilometers away from Guilin City, the Longji Terraced Fields that spread along the hill sides between 300 to 1100 meters above sea level and covers an area of over 66 square kilometers has turned out to be one of the must visit spots of Guilin. As one of the top 12 scenic spots in Guangxi Province, the terraced field has gone through a history of over 600 years. According to the historical records, the construction of the field was begun during Yuan Dynasty and was completed in Qing Dynasty. The original topography of the slope has limited the size of each field along the hillsides. For this reason, the fields of Longji Terraced field are well known for their small sizes as well.
In other words, the field can be described as the result of wise management and hard work of the farmers throughout the years. The terraces will be dressed on different colors throughout the four seasons of the year. When the spring is just around the corner, the terraces will first look like silver ribbons that surrounding the hill slopes. Later, the terraces will be slowly changed on their green dresses that dancing in the summer breezes. In the autumn, the yellow crops will make the hills to be yellow pagodas that offer hopes and wishes for the farmers who have been working hard for months. Finally when the winter comes, white snow dragons are said to make the terraces their homes. As a whole, the terraced fields have integrated both magnificence and elegance in one and presented the visitors one of the finest scenery throughout China.

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