Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum

Address: No 9 Huguosi Street Xicheng Dis.
Tel: +86-10-66183598
Entrance Fee: 10 RMB
Special Remarks: Closed on Monday
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Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum, situated at Huguosi Street, Beijing, was founded in October 1986. It was the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang since 1949 to 1961, a serene typical Beijing courtyard which covers an area of 700 square meters. At the top of the main gate hangs an inscription sounds “Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum” which was written by Chairman Deng Xiaoping. A white marble statue of the great artist of the era can be found right in front of the gate. A veranda with red-lacquered pillars, decorated with colorful drawings on its eaves, joins the east and west wing rooms to the north main rooms. It is in this quiet and comfortable residence that Mei Lanfang lived and spent his last years until his death on August 8, 1961.
In 1965, the Mei family donated almost all of Mei Lanfang’s valuable lifetime collection of books, manuscripts, calligraphies and paintings by distinguished artists and by him, as well as other precious cultural relics and antiques to the government. Most are now preserved here with great care. In the inner courtyard, the main quarters are the living room, the study and the bedroom. The furniture which was formerly used by Mr. Mei is displayed within these rooms, while the calligraphies and paintings by his renowned artist friends are hung on the walls as well. In the study room, a part of Mr. Mei’s collection of Chinese and foreign books, scripts and manuscripts of operas are kept either on the bookshelves or in the bookcases. In the outer courtyard, which was the former reception room, is now an exhibition hall where “A Brief Account of the Life of Mei Lanfang” exhibition is on display. There are more than a hundred photographs recording his artistic career and glorious life, together with a small portion of his theatrical costumes, head – ornaments and stage properties, as well as repertoire programs of various periods.
Souvenirs presented by Mei’s friends both at home and abroad, calligraphies and paintings by distinguished ancient and contemporary artists, and programs of the performances by Mei Lanfang and earlier Beijing Opera actors in different periods of time are displayed in the east wing showroom. These exhibits will be changed on regular intervals.

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