Miaofeng Mountain

Address: Miaofengshan Zhen, Mentougou Dis.
Tel: +86-10-61882936
Website: http://www.miaofengshan.com/newEbiz1/EbizPortalFG/portal/html/index.html
Entrance Fee: 30 RMB

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Located in Mentougou District, Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot is 55km from downtown Beijing. Miaofeng Mountian is a part of the Taihang mountain range and is 1291 meters high. It has imposing scenery, with jutting crags and pine forests, as well as a variety of temples and scenic spots. Spring is a good time to visit the mountain as the area is famed for wild flowers, and in particular the wild roses of the adjacent Wild Rose Valley.

Temple fairs were held yearly on Miaofeng Mountain and were a site of pilgrimage from throughout northern China. Huijisi, one of the best known sites of Miaofeng Mountian, was originally built in the Liao Dynasty (907-1125). It consists of three temple groups namely Linggan Palace, Huixiang Palace and Yuhuang Summit. Other famous spots include Xiyin Temple, Dayun Temple, Dishuiyan, and the villa which provided the residence of Zhushitun, the famously loyal teacher of the last emperor of China, Puyi.

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