Military Museum

Address: No.9 Fuxing Rd. Haidian Dis.
Tel: +86-10-68529647
Entrance Fee: 20 RMB

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The Military Museum of The Chinese People‚Äôs Revolution is located at west of the extended Changan Avenue in Haidian District (not far from Beijing West Railway Station). It was built in 1958 with its name inscribed in Chairman Mao’s own calligraphy. Occupying over 80,000 square meters, the Military Museum is the only large-scale comprehensive military & history museum in China.
The most impressive displays include the display of tanks, vehicles and missiles, amongst which are captured American vehicles from the Korean War as well as the wreckage of an American spy plane as well as vehicles from various wars in China’s modern history. Also included is equipment from China’s space program. Upstairs is located a hall displaying modern small arms dating from throughout the modern period and from various different countries. Adjacent to this are halls showing exhibitions of pre-modern wars, the war against the Nationalists prior to WW2, the war against Japan, the Chinese Civil War and the Korean War. There is also a hall displaying gifts from foreign countries and a sculpture hall.
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