Ming Dynasty Waxworks Palace

Address: Xiguanhuandao Changping Dis
Tel: +86-10-69748675
Website: http://www.bjmhg.com/
Entrance Fee: 40 RMB

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Ming Dynasty Waxworks Palace which locates within the famous Ming Tombs has covered an area of over 192000 square meters. It is a unique tourist spots which integrates the ancient Chinese and modern building architecture as well as applying the unique wax technique and modern audio technology. The whole architecture Ming Dynasty Waxworks Palace can be divided into five sections which are the Ming Emperor Wax Palace, Ming Dance Palace, Ming’s Meal Hall, Shopping Center and Entertainment Area.

The Ming Emperor Wax Palace is made up of 26 individual scenes with 374 delightful and lifelike waxworks which visualize the important historical events throughout the 276 years of Ming Dynasty from the first Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang until the last emperor of Ming Dynasty Chongzhen. On the other hand, the Ming Dance Palace is a theater which can accommodate 250 audiences at one time that allows you to enjoy the Ming imperial cuisine while enjoying the dances of Ming Dynasty. The Ming’s Meal Hall which can accommodate 600 person having meals at one time is specialized in offering famous cuisine of Ming Dynasty. Anyway, in order to fulfill the requirements of people from all over the world, fast food restaurants as well as locals dishes are also available here.

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