Ming Tombs

Address: Changling Zhen, Changping Dis. Beijing
Tel: 86-10-60761424(Dingling Tomb);
86-10-60761888(Changling Tomb)
Website: http://www.mingtombs.com/e_home/
Entrance Fee: 65RMB(Dingling Tomb); 45RMB(Changling Tomb)

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ming tombs


The Ming Tombs are the final resting places of 13 Ming Dynasty emperors. Located about 44 kilometers north of Beijing, the Ming Tombs are scattered over a basin approximately 40 square kilometers in area, screened by mountains on three sides and open to the Beijing Plain to the south, as Feng Shui dictates. In ancient times, it was forbidden ground for commoners except for those who were officially in charge of its upkeep. It was forbidden to cultivate land, cut wood or to take stones from here. No one could enter it on horseback, even the emperor himself had to dismount at the gate, as a sign of respect for the dead.Over the course of 200 years, the Changling, Xianling, Jingling, Yuling, Maoling, Tailing, Kangling, Yongling, Zhaoling, Dingling, Qingling, Deling and Siling tombs were constructed in turn. There are a total of 13 emperors, 23 empresses as well as scores of servants buried alive with the dead. The Sacred Way, lined with statues of real and legendary guardian creatures, runs for seven kilometers to each of the Ming Tombs.

At present, besides the Sacred Way, only three tombs are open to the public: Changling, Dingling and Zhaoling:

The Ming Tombs are a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site.

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