Miniature Garden of Old Beijing

Address: Nanjian Road Changping Dis.
Tel: +86-10-69771805
Website: None
Entrance Fee: 45 RMB

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Miniature Garden of Old Beijing which officially opened in year 1994 is located at Changping District, about 38 kilometers from Beijing city. The whole area of 40 hectares has been divided into three main areas including Miniature Garden, Traditional Image of Beijing and Performances Area.

The Miniature Garden has rebuilt the city of Beijing during Ming and Qing Dynasty in the ratio of 1:15. While traveling here, you might be able to discover the original image of Beijing during that period as well as the magnificent Forbidden City, Beijing hutongs as well as Siheyuan. On the other hand, the Traditional Image of Beijing Area is a place where the shops, restaurants and famous stores of old Beijing to be recovered according to its original look. All these shops and stores have fully visualized the advanced trading and businesses development in Beijing during Ming and Qing Dynasty. At the same time, the living habits as well as the common food of Beijing locals can also be clearly seen.

The Performance Area of Miniature Garden of Old Beijing is always lively at anytime. A large variety of Chinese traditional performances are available here, including Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu), Acrobatics as well as weapons show. Besides that, Chinese cultural entertainment show is also available. Most of the performances are conducted by old Beijing residents. Both imperial arts and cultural arts are embedded here as these are the two most important criteria of the old Beijing locals.

The staffs of Miniature Garden of Old Beijing can be easily recognized as they wear very traditional Chinese costumes. While walking here in the old street with the old building architecture surrounding you, you might feel as if back to the town of Old Beijing hundreds years ago. When you are here, you are one of the residents of old Beijing who eat, wear and live in ancient China. If you wish to know more and experience more about the living of old Beijing, this what are you waiting for? This is extremely the best destination for you. Although all the artificial scenes are just a miniature and not the true one, but the most important is the sense of being around as well as the atmosphere of the surrounding. You will never regret for having your time here.

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