Miyun Jiudaowan Grand Canyon

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Miyun Jiudaowan Grand Canyon (Nine-Turn Grand Canyon Miyun) is situated right within the grand canyon of Shicheng Xiang (Stone City), Miyun District which is 88 kilometers from Beijing city. Miyun Jiudaowan Grand Canyon is neighboring the reservoir of Miyun and from here you can see the ancient great wall as well. On top of that, there are 78 attractions throughout this scenic spot and the whole area is surrounded with unique flora and fauna.

The whole route of Miyun Jiudaowan Grand Canyon takes about 6.6 kilometers and width 0.5 kilometers. Steep cliffs, soil hills as well as lush greenery can be found throughout the whole distance of this canyon. Moreover, there are stream that flows from 1000 meters above sea level and link with the river system of Jiudaowan which enable the river keep flowing throughout the years. One of the famous tourist attractions here, Qingxin Waterfall is located at the end of Jiudaowan Grand Canyon. The majestic look of this waterfall with 80 meters height and 40 meters width is very worth for visit.

There are nine turns throughout the whole distance of Jiudaowan Grand Canyon and this is also how it obtained its name. Each of the turn is blessed with different breathtaking scenery. It is a great destination for traveling, retreat, vacation, adventure, picnic, fishing as well as fruit picking. Besides that, Yueya Shan (Crescent Hill), Guiwa Shi (Turtle Frog Stone), Fuqi Shi (Couple Stone), Woniu Tan (Snail Pond), Wolong Shi (Sleeping Dragon Stone), Feishui Dong (Flying Water Cave) and etc are all famous tourist attractions within this canyon.

No matter when you plan to visit, Jiudaowan Grand Canyon has lots to offer. Other than its picturesque scenery, the serenity as well as the peaceful surrounding is the most precious gift to each and every tourist.

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