Miyun Reservoir

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Miyun Reservoir is located about 13 kilometers to the north of Miyun District. It is strategically lies within Yanshan Mountains and across both Chao River and Bai River. Miyun Reservoir is the largest manmade lake throughout Asia and is named as the Pearl of Yanshan. The reservoir covers a very large area and the water storage capacity is 4.38 billion meter cube and the deepest point of the reservoir has reached over 60 meters. Generally, this reservoir supplies water for the daily use of Beijing locals as well as the industrial use water. As the average temperature around the reservoir is about 3 degree Celsius lower than the temperature at Beijing city. Thus, this is really a great place to visit especially in the hot summer.

Miyun Reservoir is the largest man made lake throughout Asia. The panoramic surrounding as well as the peaceful atmosphere around Miyun Reservoir has attracted thousands of visitors as at the same time enable it to be one of the most attractive scenic areas of Eastern Beijing. When you arrive at this scenic area, you will be first impressed by the magnificent reservoir. Standing on the tourist deck of the reservoir, you will be able to see the broad view of the reservoir, various types of building architecture around the shores, mountains and fishing boats. You will suddenly feel that everything looks small in your eyes. Moreover, there is a 110 kilometers length road which surrounding the reservoir. You may drive along the road to go round the huge reservoir as this is the best route for you to take a full round view of the reservoir. It is recommended for you to talk a short stroll along the road too.

Miyun Reservoir is a well known venue which produces fish. So, when you are here, do ensure that you include “Kua Dun Yu” (Fish that cook by using the water of Miyun Reservoir) in your dishes list. Moreover, you may also grab the opportunity to enjoy some local homemade dishes as well.

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